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2010 Friendship Day

On the 1st of August, 2010, in Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad “Just For Smiles” launched with it’s first incentive: A flash dance with about 50 participants.

For those who have never heard of a Flash Dance before, it is a prearranged dance performed before an audience who has no idea that any such entertainment it about to happen.

The first of August, World’s Friendship Day, was the date chosen to kick off the spreading smiles initiative. The response was astonishing, and the dancers were actually requested to do a repeat of the dance.

The Friendship Day initiative was a rocking success, with more than several thousand people walking away with smiles. Not only did the unsuspecting audience have a pleasant surprise, but the participants also enjoyed themselves immensely.

We can’t wait till the next large scale initiative, and to seeing you there with us. Until then, keep doing your best to change your part of the world, one smile at a time.

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Welcome, one and all, to Just for Smiles, a blog given over to recording the different things we and others do to make someone else’ day brighter.

Just for Smiles is an idea that was put into action by a relatively small group of people and has since expanded to include people from different age groups, nationalities and lifestyles. The reason we started Just for Smiles is a simple, yet important one: the world today is in desperate need for a little more happiness and it is in our capacity to bring that happiness by doing simple and random acts of kindness that bring a smile to the faces of others.

In the middle of the rat race that makes up modern life, it is easy to forget the simple joys found in making someone else happy. We are so focused on getting an education, making money, bringing up our children and a host of other things that finding time to be a help to someone else has, sadly, been crowded out.

Not many people truly realize the power of a smile. Smiles are contagious and we’ve made it our dearest ambition to spread them to every unhappy, worried, or simply unsmiling face we can find.

We want to invite you to become a part of Just for Smiles and help us make this world a better place one smile at a time. If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. God bless you.

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Friendship Day is Everyday

We all are social creatures and have always valued the importance of friends in our lives. To celebrate this noble feeling it was deemed fit to have a day dedicated to friends and friendship. The first Sunday of August was declared as a holiday in US in honour of friends by a Proclamation made by US Congress in 1935. Since then, World Friendship Day is being celebrated every year on the first Sunday in the month of August.

This beautiful idea of celebrating Friendship Day was joyfully accepted by several other countries across the world. And today, many countries including India, celebrate the first Sunday of August as Friendship Day every year.

It may be noted that some associations celebrate Friendship Day in an entirely different time of the year and with different customs. For instance,

  • National Friendship Day is on the first Sunday in August.
  • Women’s Friendship Day is on the third Sunday in August
  • International Friendship Month is February
  • Old Friends, New Friends Week is the third week of May

However, what is remarkably same is the idea behind the celebration of the day. Everywhere, people express love for their friends and cherish their presence in life.

On Friendship Day, we go out of our way to show our friends how much they mean to us. We give gifts, send cards and flowers, or simply wish them “Happy Friendship Day!” These acts remind both us and our friends of how much we appreciate them and what a loss it would be if they were suddenly no longer around.

But why should we wait all year for Friendship Day to come around before we show our friends that they are special? Do we need a certain day of the year to be highlighted for us before we acknowledge the gift of friendship?

Take time, not only on Friendship Day but as often as you can throughout the year, to show your friends, through your words and your actions, how much they mean to you. Make Friendship Day every day.

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